NIT Basketball Tournament 2010 selections

Although UCONN and North Carolina were part of last year’s 2009 NCAA Tournament Final Four, this year they will play in the lesser of the tournaments. Both teams are ranked as #4 seeds for the 2010 NIT Basketball tournament which kicks off Tuesday in New York at Madison Square Garden. They’ll join 30 other NCAA teams including the four #1 seeds: Illinois, Virginia Tech, Arizona State and Mississippi State.  (NCAA & NIT printable brackets here)

NIT Bracket 1 (upper lefthand):

#1 Illinois vs. #8 Stony Brook
#4 Kent St. vs. #5 Tulsa
#3 Dayton vs. #6 Illinois St.
#2 Cincinnati vs. #7 Weber St.

NIT Bracket 2 (lower lefthand):

#1 Arizona St. vs. #8 Jacksonville
#4 Seton Hall vs. #5 Texas Tech
#3 Memphis vs. #6 St. John’s
#2 Ole Miss vs. #7 Troy

NIT Bracket 3 (top right):

#1 Virginia Tech vs. #8 Quinnipiac
#4 Connecticut vs. #5 Northeastern
#3 Wichita St. vs. #6 Nevada
#2 Rhode Island vs. #7 Northwestern

NIT Bracket 4 (bottom right):

#1 Mississippi St. vs. #8 Jackson St.
#4 North Carolina vs. #5 William & Mary
#3 South Florida vs. #6 NC State
#2 UAB vs. #7 Coastal Carolina

Early picks on ESPNU were that Illinois would win it all, while St. John’s and URI may make some noise in their respective brackets. The NIT tournament includes a total of five Big East teams, while the NCAA tournament also includes six. It may be an indication of a competitive tough conference this past season or that it holds teams with promise for the next season.

The 2010 NIT Tournament play begins on Tuesday March 16th, 2010 and is covered by various ESPN stations. Check local listings for the game times near you and get your NCAA & NIT printable brackets 2010 edition ready!

16 Responses to “NIT Basketball Tournament 2010 selections”

  1. Bth Says:

    No VCU in the NIT!?

  2. Thomas Says:

    How Saint Louis University is not in over UNC, who finished 16-16 and was 10th in their conference just shows how political this sport still is.

  3. Tony Says:

    UConn all the way!!!

  4. BullCity Says:

    how did UNC make the NIT?? stop whoring yourselves out to a big name team and pick a real contender. Alot of teams got robbed this year.

  5. Jim West Says:

    GO Pack. NCSU

  6. tarheels#1 Says:

    Thomas the NIT is nothing brag about.

  7. Ben Says:

    I like the upset with Northwestern agaist Rhose Island. Yes i know the Atlantic 10 had one its best season this year but in my opinion The Big Ten had more stronger teams this year,and with that being said I think Northwestern has a great shot at Rhose Island. Northwestern has an excellent 3-2 defense and makes it’s opponents very very frustrated with their offense. So dont be SHOCKED if Northwestern defeats Rhode Island.

  8. Ben Says:

    I would love to see Ole Miss And Mississippi State in Madison Square Garden fighting for a NIT Championship.

  9. John Wolverine Says:

    Where is Michigan?

  10. Mike Says:

    how can ASU be a #1 seed, and Arizona, who was there with them, not even make it. I guess having a tough schedule doesn’t pay off after all.

  11. michael Says:

    unc sucks really bad.was put down early in acc tourney..yet they still outrank my nc state wolfpack….even in the nit its a slap in the face…

  12. Gabriel Says:


  13. Albert Says:

    Go Northwestern!!!!

  14. cory Says:

    I agree… the NIT is a f-ing joke. SLU gets bounced and Dayton gets in. SLU beats Dayton twice this season. RPI’s don’t matter: SLU = 83 RPI, UNC = 122 Don’t even get me started on Coastal Carolina, UCONN, Stony Brook or Troy. NIT is bull.

  15. Mike Says:

    I’m a diehard UNC fan, but UNC does not belong in a post-season tournament. I wonder if ‘some people’ just want to see UNC suffer or be embarrassed one more time with one more loss??

  16. Kemuel Says:

    Like many others,I feel that some teams got robbed in both tournaments. As far as NC goes, people wanna see furture NBA players and NC always has a few of them. Unfortunately, the fact that they had a bad year has nothing to do with whether their season is extended or not. That’s how the business world works and the NCAA is a business.

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